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Estates of monogynopaedium of Tereschenko

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A bright star shone in the sky Ukraine during the nineteenth - early twentieth centuries, the famous family Tereschenko - businessmen and industrialists, philanthropists and benefactors. Created their factories, sugar plantations, built their own money schools, colleges, institutes, hospitals, museums, churches are still an invaluable heritage of Ukraine. Its mark and left Tereshchenko family in Zhitomir. 


 Zhytomyr Ivnytsya → → → Old Boiler Andrushivka → Red → Slobodysche Turchynivka →  High Chudniv Oven Tryhir'ya  → Deneshi Zhytomyr

As you move along the route "Estates Tereshchenko family" you will learn:

A brief introduction to the history of the famous family Tereshchenko, explaining involvement with the city of Zhytomyr (by Alexandra Nikolovysa Tereshchenko was arranged in a shelter for the wounded at the front of the Russo-Japanese War officers). 

The remains of the palace of Baron de Shoduara (XVIII - beginning. XX century.) - Relic landscape art of public significance. House dates from the second half of XVIII - early XX century. French barons have long been the owners of the village and their wealth even went legends. They say the estate Shoduariv hidden treasure that is not found so far. His seeking of 1919, when he died last representative of a noble family.

Church St.. Anthony of Padua (1786, baroque) - an architectural monument of national importance. The building of the church - it trohnefna, chotyrohstovpna basil, which has a pentagon and rectangular presbyteriy sakrystiyi, winding oak staircase. In summary pivtsyrkulne striking overlap with the central nave, cross construction - the side naves. Decoration of the facades are paired Ionic pilasters with garlands of the Order in capitals, Tuscan columns flaniruyut arch main entrance of the church. An architectural monument surrounded by a brick fence in the north-east corner tower which is located trohprolitna. 

Manor Never Artemovicha Tereshchenko (XVII cent.). Since the late 17th century belonged to the Polish family Andrushivka Berzhynskyh. They defeated Park here and built a palace. And in 1848, was erected in Andrushevka sugar factory. This plant has drawn attention to the "sugar barons" Tereshchenko and in 1869 they bought the company. And with it the riches napivzbankrutilyh Berzhynskyh and 18,600 acres of land (almost the same in hectares). Commissioned by Nicholas (Never) Tereshchenko Berzhynskyh palace was rebuilt in the style of the French Renaissance. He was attaching to a huge collection of palaces and estates Tereshchenkivska kind (Denyshi, Turchynivka, Red, Vorzel, etc.).. In Andrushivka Palace (as in most others) Tereshchenko live, it was their country residence, and magnates lived in Kiev. 

Fyodor Tereshchenko Nikolovycha Castle (XIII century.) - A gorgeous building designed in Neo-Gothic style, similar to the English Gothic. Two "castle" tower (one storey, the second - one-story), located on both sides of the palace and served pavilions. Inside the palace deserved special attention lobby with stairs set white marble and a large hall for two points with Venetian crystal chandeliers. Unfortunately, from the former interior has survived almost nothing. Sunk into oblivion marble fireplaces, wood sheathed dining room. Only home theater rotten vyskalom smiles to the tourists who visit the former estate. 

But the most important fact is that Nicholas Tereshchenko nearby raised their baby and a source of income - sugar factory. Later it is located aviamaysternya.

Place conclusion Slobodyschenskoho treatise Urayinoyu between Poland and to break union with Moscow kingdom. 

Wealth Natalia Tereshchenko (1900r., Neorenaissance) - manor was built by Theodore Artemovych Tereshchenko and then was given his daughter Natalie F. Uvarov. Voni and was the last mistress of the house. After the October Revolution in 1917, having lost her husband, Count Sergei Uvarov, with his estate in Yemilchyni (Zhytomyr oblast), she moved to Turchynivka. Without a maid. Quietly and modestly. Allowed unless a horse walks around the neighborhood. In 1918 have come after her - arrest. Rang. Doors opened it herself. Dressed in a simple dress, and took her for a maid. Requested to call the hostess. Natalia asked to wait near the door, and she came through the back door, who was tied harnessed horse, vskochyla the saddle - and most of her Turchynovke nobody saw. On the fate of Natalia local historians know nothing. More precisely, did not know. Before coming to the village Michel Tereshchenko (grandson). He then filled the "gap" in their investigation. Turns, Natalia Uvarova managed escape and get to Paris. 

Palace hopes Feodorovna Tereshchenko (1911r.) - remains possession Fyodor Tereshchenko daughter Hope. 

Country Palace Denyshi was Tereshchenko family heritage. Built in 1911, Nadezhda F. became the meeting place of many descendants of Artemia Tereshchenko.