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27.06.2016 р.була проведена екскурсія по центру м.Житомира.Не задумувалась над тим, скільки цікавого повязано з моїми рідними місцями! А які видатні люди в свій час проживали на Житомирщині і творили свою історію! Особливе ДЯКУЮ!!!! хочу висловити екскурсоводу Собчуку С.В. Він просто ФАНАТ своєї справи, справжній ПАТРІОТ УКРАЇНИ!Так захоплюватись історією свого рідного краю і мати такий багаж знань може тільки високоосвічена і культурна людина!Бажаю йому удачі і успіхів! А вашому клубу-гарних і вдячних туристів!

Чернобыль 2010 сегодня
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Hetman the capital - Baturin

500.00 грн.
duration: 14 hours

Baturin has an extraordinary aura. A secret, riddle, is felt in Baturine at every step. Annually thousands of visitors arrive here and nobody remains indifferent. Even those, who from the beginning was skeptically adjusted, they say: „And here is it glorious hetman the capital...?" (such, by the way, a bit), listening the keen stories of tour guides, stepping earth, paths which Hetmen went about in, already see before itself not simply a picturesque village - before their eyes majestic, zolotobanniy of Baturin. And they, as a law, returns here yet not once - already together with a monogynopaedium, friends, acquaintances, And although for three hundred years, beginning from Menshikova, from Baturina took out everything, and that not able to take out - blew up, took apart, burned, and there is earth, from which our Hetmen, their comrade-in-armses, is Dmytro Tuptalo, Adam Zernikau, Pylyp Orlik, Gedeon Odorskiy, Volodymyr Sokalskiy (not to count all) ladled animation, which has an unique super-power aura, enormous energy, to worship which annually, from all corners of Ukraine, thousands of persons arrive. And Baturin does not disappoint them.
An acquaintance with former the capital is begun with the place of terrible tragedy of 1708.
Then in order of the Russian tsar Petro I, his satrap Menshikov after 2-monthly cut out sieges all habitants of city, including little people and old. Today in place of zgarischa and brotherly grave stands to 9-ti meter granit cross, He was set above an abyss, there where muri of the capital overpeered once. Farther an excursion moves to the church of -usipal'nici of the last Ukrainian hetman of time of the Cossacks Kyrylo Rozumovskogo.
In Voskresenskiy to the church, which has lines of the provincial Russian classicism a tombstone was saved from the white kararskogo marble of work of the large Petersburg sculptor Ivan Martosa, which gave birth on that Chernigov.
House of general court. Exactly here once managed businesses earthly famous due to Pushkin general judge Vasyl Lentiyovich Kochubey. A house is surrounded an age-old park ancient oak grows in the distant corner of which.
He is a witness known the whole world of love between old hetman Mazepoy and his young khresniceyu, by daughter Kochubeya Motreyu.
An excursion is completed on Baturinu by the two-storeyed palace of hetman Rozumovskogo, which overpeers on a steep slope above rapid Seym.


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