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Necropolises of Zhitomir: Russian cemetery

50.00 грн.
duration: 1,5 hour

Necropolis "Orthodox (Vilske) cemetery" - a unique monument of history and culture, monumental art. It is like an open book in stone, marble, tells us about the outstanding personalities who have found rest here in the nineteenth century.We stop at the second burial of Pushkin and Gogol Zhytomyr Sherzhynskoho Postmaster, the local patron of the very interesting fate of Mr. Roche, children's graves only daughter of world famous philosopher Nicholas Berdiaev and other decent people, introduce them to lifecommitted people and hobby.Vklonimosya tombstone of these respected people nesimo baton of their noble deeds in the XXI century.

Also during the tour you will learn about:
- History of the Ruthenian Cemetery;
- The architecture of cemeteries;
- The fate of famous Zhitomir people, who have contributed to the development of the city;
- Interesting, unknown facts about our city.