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Museum of precious and decorative stone - Bunker of Stalin - Monastery of icon of Kazanskoy Divine Mother

400.00 грн.
duration: 10 hours

Program Itinerary:

08:00 - departure from the city of Zhytomyr / group gathering at Victory Square;
09:00 - arrival in the village Volodarsk Volynskyy / museum of precious and decorative stones, Kutuzovskaya park, a monument to Kutuzov, Trubetskoy grave;
12:00 - Transfer to g.Korosten / military-historical object "Rock", Korostens'kyi museum, a monument. Protection of the Mother of God, a monument. Potato pancakes, bath Princess Olga, a monument. Princess Olga monument. Prince Malu, a monument. Malusha;
15:00 - visit to. Boil / Convent of the Kazan Mother of God, healing spring;
18:00 - arrival in the city of Zhitomir.

Description of  the objects of excursion:

• Volodarsk Volinsky:
At this stage of the trip you’ll get to know the unique historical facts and objects prouded not only in Zhytomyr, but in the whole Ukraine.

Museum of precious and decorative stones - one of the famous geological museums of Ukraine and the world. Currently, mineralogical museum has more than 1500 exhibits, placed in 5 exhibition halls and characterize mineral resources of precious and decorative stones in Ukraine. Today museum is known as a unique collection of not only mineral deposits of pegmatites in Volyn chamber, but also samples of rocks and minerals from all regions of Ukraine and the world. Various in size, shape and color crystals of beryl, rock crystal, citrine, morion, topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, fluorite, etc. Here and only here, absolutely the rule that it’s better once to see. Even if you’ll visit the museum once, you'll want to come back here again, because it’s simply impossible to comprehend this massive collection at a one time. 

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Also, do not remain without attention:

Kutuzov park and monument to Mikhail Kutuzov - the historical fate tied  Mikhail Kutuzov  and Volodarsk region at the time. It happened here in these events: 1793 right-bank Ukraine withdrew from the Commonwealth to the Russian Empire. Estates of the region and Goroshky (Volodarsk-Volynsky) were owned by Judge from Zhitomir Ignatius Dubravskiy. Maybe he would have had them and further, but he become an active member of the Polish revolt under the leadership of Tadeusz Kostyushka. Revolt was defeated, Poland ceased to exist as a state in 1795, and this lends, Catherine II confiscated and presented to Michael Golenischev-Kutuzov for his glorious victory over the Turks.  Although he appeared in Goroshky only in 1802, and still there until 1805. It was due to the fact that he could not find common language with the new emperor, Alexander I, knowing what Alexander was involved in the murder of his father, Emperor Paul I. Upon his retirement, and having a large family (five daughters), Kutuzov began landscaping the fortress complex of the estate and household chores. He built a brick factory, a brick of which went to the recovery of the second tier billows. In 1803 next to the mansion, on the left bank of  Irsha was built iron factory - gamarnya. Here, from the local bog ore kernels and cannons were outpoured. I would like to remind you that Volyn was then the border area, while in Europe the Napoleonic wars continued.

Exactly from Goroshky in 1805 Michael Illarionovich went to Novograd Volyn, where he took command of the Podolskaya Army. Thus his opal finished. From Novograd Volyn Russian troops moved to Austerlitz, where was the famous battle of the Russian-Austrian army against Napoleon Bonaparte. In Goroshky Kutuzov has come in 1806, 1809, 1810 and 1811 years. Exactly from his palace (it was wooden and was at the center of the modern Kutuzov Park), Kutuzov wrote numerous letters to a large folks. These letters are imbued with parental love to the daughters and wife Catherine Ilinichna. Here he tells about his health, the solution of economic affairs to improve the financial status of the family.

While in Goroshky in 1812, he received the news of Napoleon's attack on the Russian state. Kutuzov immediately left for St. Petersburg.

In 1813, during a foreign campaign, in the town Bunzlau famous Russian commander, savior of the Fatherland, Mikhail Kutuzov died. His possessions in Goroshky depart to his youngest daughter Daria Opochninoi.

In 1959 in the southwestern part of the park was set a monument to Mikhail Illarionovich on a background oaks, he himself had planted. Now we can see another monument erected in 2006 on the site of the destroyed one. Most tourists and sightseers photographed here. You also can do it. 

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Tombs of Trubetskoy Basil and Alexandra -300 meters south of the park we will see in the old cemetery tombs of Trubetskoy Basil and Alexandra. Yes, they belonged to the glorious Trubetskoy’s family, that takes beginning in the XV century. This princely family had great military leaders of the Russian state, among them colonel S.P Trubetskoy, one of the leaders of the Decembrist uprising. In 1874 Vasily and Alexandra  became the owners of the Goroshkoy manor. More famous was Alexandra Trubetskaya actively managed in the estate, owned a brick factory founded by Mikhail Kutuzov. Family owned the Goroshky estate until the early twentieth century.

• Korosten:

 The military-historical object "The Rock" - is:
• command center 156 meters in length, with more than 30 rooms, is located at a depth of 40 meters under the ground;
• All communications are working;
• a fine collection of military finds - weapons, personal things of the soldiers, mock-bunkers, the only museum  of a gas masks in Ukraine;
• artifacts from the time of the Chernobyl disaster.
Korosten fortified defense held the 182 km long and consisted of 456 bunkers - more powerful defensive line on the western border of the USSR did not exist. Secret bunker designed by the famous general Dmitry Karbyshev. As a basis he used ancient drevlyanian cave. Work on the subject of "The Rock" began in 1928, ended in 1935-37's, It was in great secrecy.

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In addition, you can visit:

The monument of the Cover of God Mother - is not the only Orthodox religious monument in Ukraine. People in Korosten have chosen God Mother as a patron of the city.

Monument to Prince Mal - set on a cliff above the river Uzh, occasionally 1300 anniversary of the city. It is a 10-meter figure of Prince Mal, made of copper. Mal is depicted as a warrior in ancient armor, which relies on a heavy sword. A picturesque place chosen for the sculpture is not accidental. Here the troops of Prince Mal, rebelled against the intolerable exactions of Prince of Kiev Igor, defeated the prince's retinue in 945, and Igor himself was executed after the trial. Mal – was the second of the famous Korosten princes. The first was his father Niskinya. The  grandson of Niskinya was the famous epic hero of us all, one of three heroes Dobrynya Niskinich, which over time, "remade" in Dobrynya Nikitich. Interestingly, that currently in Korosten  live a few ten families with surnames Nikitich who are direct descendants of Prince Niskinya.

Monument to Princess Malusha - has a historical background and is devoted to Princess Malusha Drevlyane, the mother ofVladimir the Great.

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Potato pancakes monument - the original memorial in honor of the traditional dishes of Polissya pancakes.

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The price includes:

The tour price does not include:

Visit the Military History of the object "The Rock" - 15 UAH. (In view of the guide service).

Visit the museum Korosten - 20 UAH. (In view of the guide service).

Visit the Museum of precious and decorative stones - 20 UAH. (In view of the guide service).