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History of love of Onore de Bal'zaka and Evelina Ganskoy

300.00 грн.
duration: 8 hours

Paris, parisians... How hardly not every tourist dreams about it. And large frenchman the name of which is known in the whole world - Onore de Bal'zak, large novelist, writing the mountain of books on love, about women, found the love in Ukraine, on Zhitomirschine, in p. Verkhivnya Ruzhinskogo district.

«I saw small Louvre, greek sacred object, gilded a sitting down sun», - such were the first impressions of Bal'zaka from the estate of countess of Ghanian. «Simply hardness to imagine, what here spaces, what fertile here earth which is never fertilized and on which annually sow a wheat., - afterwards he wrote to the sister to Laura Syurvil'. By a mestome, that about four ages are glorified by not only a city Berdichev but also whole Ukraine, there is a monastery of barefoot karmelitov, which was a defensive complex and named «Fortress of Presvyatoy Virgin Maria».

During this trip you will visit the palace of Ghanian and museum of O.Bal'zaka a s s. Verkhivnya, Berdichevskiy regional museum, monastir'-fortress of barefoot karmelitov and church Sv. Barbarians.