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Korbutovka, Chudnovskaya highway. Legends about the origin of the name. Military camps. Spy in the toponymy. Teterivka. The settlement of the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Slavic IV - VII centuries. Albion Tavern. Village Korczak. One of the oldest settlements in the region II-VII centuries. Chudnovskaya highway.An ancient land parallel path the water (on Teterev). Grouse and its Toponimical story. The Greek version of names ("rubbed through the rocks").

Denyshi. The village is known as the Dunajec from the XVIII century. Slavonic settlements VI - VII centuries.Homeland geologist, academician Vladimir Gavrilovic Bondarchuk, who was rector of the postwar period of the Kyiv University. TG Shevchenko.

Тemple  oven. Name of his brother, patrons Durylina.Recollections of ironworks production minister, UNR, Professor Ivan Adriyanovicha Feshchenko-Chopivskogo held here student practice. Dänisch and blast furnace - one of the first centers in Ukraine artisanal steel industry.Until now, in Zhitomir in the old buildings zberegayutsya iron staircases and other structures with the label "Denishivsky ironworks, and in Zhytomyr Regional Museum - a bust of Taras Shevchenko, cast in Dänisch. 

The old way to Trogir. Giant oak. Age greater than 585 years old oak.The initial witness to history, saw the Cossacks of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, detachments Haidamaks. Height over 33 meters natural monument of national importance. Dam on the black grouse, rock, sanatorium Dänisch. Place ironworks factory br. Durylin.In tamoshnem forest on the slopes of mesmerizing black grouse, which has long been dubbed the "Switzerland of the Polesie", willing to rest Alexander Kuprin, Ivan Kocherga, Arseny Tarkovsky.

Trogir. Possession of the landlords Voronich. Monastery. The first mention dates back to 1613.Under its walls protected the Cossack regiments K. Kosinski, Ivan shingles. Not for nothing is one of the tracts under Dänisch is called "Shake." The history of the monastery. Subject of another interesting story. It was filmed the movie "Olesya" by the famous novel by Alexander Kuprin.

New road to Zhitomir

Denyshi. Since the end of the XIX century. belonged to a family of famous Ukrainian industrialists and philanthropists Tereshchenko. Remains of the palace Tereshchenko, built for Hope Feodorovna Muravyova-Apostol in 1911 by architect Paul Holland.Separate topic interesting stories about the family of the Apostles (hetman of Ukraine), Muravyovs (famous Ukrainian-Russian family) and Fyodor Tereshchenko. The story of the palace, its architecture, equipment, purpose. Palace - the place to meet the many descendants of Artemia Tereshchenko.