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duration: 1 day

 Rock massif, near the villages and Denyshi Trigirya - a mecca for rock climbers and mountaineers. He enjoyed great popularity not only among domestic tourists and visitors from Belarus, Russia and other countries.

On the left bank of the river below the dam is located Grouse granitic rock massif, the height of 25 m and 150 m. The slowness over the top and under the cliffs is a comfortable place for decorating tents. Possible residence in a sanatorium "Denyshi" farmstead villages Trigirya and Denyshi. 

Tracy with a convenient "hooks" and "stepping stones", "mirrors", "eaves" deep "fireplaces", etc. meet the requirements of both novice climbers and experienced athletes. Prepared by more than thirty classified routes 7.5 grade.

Climbing can be directly and Zhitomir. Nature gave men rock massifs: "Archive" - on the left bank. Kamyanka in the area of Castle Hill and Podil, for putting the state archives, "head Chatskogo" - above the dam on the left bank. Black grouse in the area Korbutovki;"Four Brothers" - on the opposite right bank of the black grouse. The relief of the rocks represented by dozens of classified routes of various difficulty.

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Minimum group - 4 people.
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